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Community groups sign before eviction from Reindahl Park


MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – A dozen people went out on Sunday to make signs in Reindahl Park before an eviction notice from the city of Madison went into effect.

The eviction would force the currently homeless people who live in Reindahl Park to relocate.

Community groups and activists are against the order to clear. They said the purpose of coming together to make the signs is to give a voice to the people who live their lives.

“Giving them an eviction means they have no choice,” said Pearl Foster, head of Community Action Against Reindahl Eviction.

“Many of them also had no choice of where they wanted to go; the city keeps telling them they had a choice to go to Dairy Drive or the new hotel program, that’s not a choice for many, â€added Foster.

Last month, the City of Madison built 30 single-family “Pallet†homes on Dairy Drive. He also planned to fill 35 rooms at the Madison Plaza Hotel, with those in Reindahl Park taking priority over other homeless populations.

Foster said this was not an option for everyone and that the city’s secure Dairy Drive shelters and hotel rooms are too far removed from the support systems and jobs they should have access to.

“Dairy Drive is very insulating. It’s out of town, the people who work here, the people who are here all summer, have found work in this neighborhood and therefore cannot move.

Garrett Arthur Olson is staying at Reindahl Park. He said the eviction was difficult for the community.

“A lot of these people are still married here and still have a job and they’re trying to keep it, and they just need that common decency.” Olson said.

Foster hopes his group and the panels will influence the town council even after the eviction takes effect.

“I would like to hope the city would listen, but it doesn’t appear to be.”

The Madison Common Council is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, a day after the eviction goes into effect.

NBC 15 has checked the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting and no discussions are scheduled for Reindahl Park. Our press room also contacted the Common Council and received no response.

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