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CMSD holds special meeting to sign tax anticipation note


The Clarksdale Municipal School District held a special meeting to approve various bill payments and a loan secured by future income.

The meeting, held in the middle of the month on December 9, was held in the parents’ building at the school district headquarters.

The reunion marked another event in the midst of a busy schedule, as school district officials and superintendent Dr. Joe Nelson prepared for the data celebration event that night at Clarksdale High School.

The board authorized a tax anticipation note, which basically involves borrowing money in advance for tax revenue that has not been received. The district has yet to receive the money it should have received in October, which limits its financial capacity until the district’s accounts are replenished. In response to a public notice, the district received a proposal from the Biloxi People’s Bank. The refund will be due in June 2022.

Council also approved payment of overdue bills to Always Care for district employee dental and vision insurance policies. The company withholds employee coverage requests until the required amounts are paid.

The board approved a modified budget for sustaining the effort for fiscal year 2022, as well as the approval of the regular claims file until December 9, 2021, the date of the specially set board meeting.

The board adjourned until its next regular board meeting.