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Chris Evert breaks silence on allegations that she has an agenda against Serena Williams


Retired American tennis player Chris Evert recently hit back at a fan who claimed she had an agenda against Serena Williams. The fan recalled an old letter Evert wrote for Williams, but Evert has now doubled down on his position.

The 18-time Slam champion had composed a letter to Serena Williams in 2006, a time when Williams suffered numerous setbacks in her tennis career. Evert is now unhappy with how the letter was received, saying her intentions were misunderstood by some people on social media.

In the letter, Chris Evert expressed strong feelings about Williams’ career trajectory and expressed his disappointment with the 40-year-old’s below-par results. The tennis veteran then advised Williams to focus entirely on her tennis career during her peak years.

“Just a few years ago, when you were fully committed to the game, you showed the athleticism, shooting and competitive desire to become the greatest player of all time,” Evert noted in the letter. . “Many others shared the same sentiment as I did. You won five of the six Grand Slams you entered in the 2002 and 2003 seasons and looked utterly dominant in the process.”

“Then you’ve been distracted by injuries, pet projects and indifference, and you’ve only won one major in the last seven games you’ve played. I find those results hard to understand. You you’re just too good not to win two Grand Slam titles a year. You’re still only 24, well into your prime. These are crucial years that you’ll never come back. Why not devote yourself entirely during the next five years and see what you can accomplish?”

A fan then used the said write-up against Evert, claiming that she also had a not-so-constructive attitude towards the recently retired tennis legend.

“Chris Evert’s attitude towards Serena Williams has been going on for a long time. Look at this letter she wrote to Serena in 2006,” the fan wrote.

The former USA pro noticed the interaction and fired back, saying Williams only won several more Grand Slams after heeding her advice.

“And then she got engaged and won another 18,” Evert remarked.