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Central Vermont Career Center Board of Directors Appoints Superintendent – Waterbury Roundabout


BARRE — Vermont’s new school board named Vermont’s new superintendent Monday amid a flurry of decisions that set the stage for the school district’s impending launch of Central Vermont Career Center.

The career center school board was busy on Monday evening, making decisions – some more important than others – at its first-ever meeting at the Barre-based career center.

The most important decision made by the council, which includes a mix of elected and appointed members, was among the most predictable. Jody Emerson, who is still in her first year as director of the career center, has been tapped to serve as superintendent of the soon-to-be-autonomous school district.

Created collectively by voters from 18 central Vermont communities on town meeting day in March, the new district will focus solely on the regional career center, which has been governed by a school board in Barre since it opened under a different name. in a wing at Spaulding. High school over 50 years ago.

That will change July 1 as part of a carefully planned transition that recently required the Barre Unified Union School Board to issue “downsizing” notices to all career center faculty and staff, even whether Emerson issued letters of intent on behalf of a council that had not yet met.

He has now.

In a move to ensure there are no job interruptions, the Career Center Board of Directors has approved a plan to offer contracts to all unionized Career Center employees who are currently covered by a collective agreement. of work negotiated by the Barre Education Association.

The final year of this contract coincides with what will be the first year of the new school district, and the board has agreed that its terms will dictate the terms of employment until it negotiates its own employment contract for the year of the new school district. contract which will begin on July 1, 2023.

Board members approved a two-year employment contract with Emerson and authorized their new superintendent to enter into two-year employment contracts with the center’s assistant director, director of special services, counselor, as well as a newly created Commercial Director position.

Acting on Emerson’s recommendation, the board also agreed to use the policies adopted by the Barre Unified School Board until further notice.

Most council members attended the meeting in person, although two — Barre District elected member Guy Isabelle and Cabot School Board representative Jason Monaco — were virtual attendees.

The council includes appointed members from the six school districts that send students to the career center—Barre, Cabot, Harwood, Montpelier-Roxbury, Twinfield, and Washington Central—as well as elected representatives from the four largest districts (Barre, Harwood, Montpelier – Roxbury and Washington Central).

All of these seats have been filled with the exception of the elected office of Washington Central. Candidates for the Town Meeting Day ballot and the written campaigns organized by Adam Rosen and Rosemary Morse were unsuccessful.

The board plans to interview candidates and fill the vacant seat when it meets again on June 6.

The board made several other key decisions: Jill Remick, who sits on the Montpelier-Roxbury school board, was elected president; Twinfield School principal Janna Osman was elected vice-president; Flor Diaz-Smith, president of the Washington Central School Board, was elected clerk.

While filling the only vacancy on the 10-member board will be on the agenda for next month, other issues are not as urgent.

A proposal to add at least two student representatives to the board will likely wait until the fall, and members agreed it was time to weigh possible amendments to the district’s bylaws that would address concerns about the requirement that the ballot papers of the 18 cities are shuffled. before they are counted.

The board did not appoint any committees Monday night, but likely will in the near future.

All decisions made by the board were unanimous, including the one that gave Emerson a new title and expanded responsibilities.

Remick said the district is “incredibly fortunate” to have Emerson at the helm as the regional center transitions to a truly regional governance structure.

This story was first published on TimesArgus.com.

A video of the May 16 meeting is online on the career center website.