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Boris Johnson latest news: Lord Frost’s resignation is an opportunity to ‘press the reset button’ with EU, says Tory MP


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Brexit Minister David Frost has resigned from Boris Johnson’s cabinet in protest against “the direction of travel”, sparking a new crisis in Downing Street after an already eventful week for Prime Minister.

Lord Frost – one of the most popular cabinet members among staunch Conservatives – resigned a week ago and had been persuaded to stay in his post until January, but announced last night that he would stand would withdraw “with immediate effect”.

His resignation represents a major political blow to the PM who is already facing a series of crises over ‘rallies’ in No 10 during Covid restrictions, growing discontent among Tory MPs over his leadership and the loss this week’s history in North Shropshire by- election.

Meanwhile, Senior Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood said Lord Frost’s departure could be an opportunity to “hit the reset button with the EU”.

Former minister Mr Ellwood said: “We are still not out of the woods with the Northern Ireland Protocol and we have bigger decisions and challenges, which in fact unite both the EU , Europe and Great Britain. “

He said: ‘As much as I think this is going to be seen as a success for the government, he was a critical figure who was with Boris Johnson from the very beginning when it comes to Brexit, it’s a chance for us to really to somehow advance our relationship with the EU.


Liz Truss to take over Brexit responsibilities

Foreign Minister Liz Truss will replace Lord Frost to manage UK relations with the EU, Downing Street said,

Lord Frost has resigned as Brexit Minister with immediate effect to protest against new Covid restrictions and “directing the journey”.

In his resignation letter, Lord Frost told the PM he was disappointed with the Covid restrictions, warning him not to be “tempted by the kind of coercive measures we have seen elsewhere”, but also hinted at to other concerns, saying, “You know my concerns about the current direction of travel.

Liz Truss, who is also Minister for Women and Equality and MP for South West Norfolk, will replace Lord Frost as the main negotiator with the European Union on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Our reporter Ashley cowburn is in history:

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ICYMI: Lord Frost, the diplomat turned Brexit talisman and Boris Johnson’s right-hand man

Lord David Frost resigned as Brexit minister with ‘immediate effect’, but how did the cabinet minister become popular among grassroots Tories and why did he resign from Boris Johnson’s government at a crucial stage in discussions on the Northern Ireland Protocol?

Ella GloverDecember 19, 2021 5:53 PM


Jamie Wallis arrested in car accident

The Tory MP for Bridgend in Wales was arrested on suspicion of incapacitating driving after an accident in Cowbridge in November.

The accident happened around 1:10 a.m. No injuries were sustained.

Jamie Wallis, 37, was later released under investigation, South Wales Police said.

A spokeswoman said: “The incident involved a car that collided with a lamp post.

“A 37-year-old man from Cowbridge has been arrested on suspicion of unsuitable driving.

“He was released under investigation.

A spokesperson for Mr Wallis said: “Jamie was involved in an accident and is helping the police with their investigations.

“While this is in progress, he will not comment further.”

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Senior Tory criticizes the “stop-start” management of the pandemic

Tobias Ellwood, a senior Conservative MP, criticized the “off the bus, on the bus†approach to dealing with the pandemic.

He said the government should look to the future and plan for future peaks instead of taking a reactionary “stop-start†approach, especially since there is a possibility that more variants will “appear†in the future. ‘to come up.

Speaking on Times Radio, Mr Ellwood said: “This approach must stop because it is hurting our economy, wearing out people and our NHS is not able to cope.”

He added: “We have to plan this now. Instead, it’s a stop-start, that’s it, you know, locking down and killing the economy and then trying to kick it up again.

“You can’t keep going this way. So what we need to do is plan better for the future.

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Potential for a third of NHS staff in London to be away from the ‘catatrospheric’ NYE brand

Figures suggesting that one in three NHS staff in London could be on leave by New Years Eve have been called ‘catastrophic’ by a nursing leader as the capital faces crisis rapid spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

The HSJ said internal NHS surveillance figures seen by the newspaper showed the number of healthcare workers absent in the capital due to Covid-19 more than doubled in four days.

One in three of the workforce would be out by New Years Eve if the growth rate continued, the newspaper reported.

Patricia Marquis, principal of the Royal College of Nursing in England, said that such a situation “would be catastrophic, there is no doubt”.

She told BBC Radio 4’s The World This Weekend: “The workforce is already short, the workforce is already exhausted – mentally and physically – so the prospect of that just needs to fill everyone up with it. frontline, and the public, with real concern, because the NHS just needs to be able to cope with emergencies and urgent care to make the public feel safe. “

She said the staff were exhausted and “the prospect of not knowing what’s going on only adds another layer of worry for people.”

She added: “Winter is tough at the best of times.

“In the current situation, it doesn’t look like an end is in sight and that sometimes makes the situation even more desperate than it could be in reality.”

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Editorial: If we need more Covid restrictions, Boris Johnson must follow science advice

If further action is needed, we can be sure that the science advisers will reach the right conclusions and prevail.

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Michelle O’Neill: New Brexit Minister must make Northern Ireland Protocol work

Lord Frost’s replacement as Brexit minister will have to “find solutions” for the Northern Ireland protocol to work, Stormont Deputy Prime Minister Michelle O’Neill said.

She said businesses have been left ‘and dry’ by the uncertainty of Brexit and that stability is required.

Jonathan mccambridge reports:

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Sue Gray Has ‘Freedom’ to Investigate Her Own Boss in Christmas Party Investigation # 10

The senior official newly appointed to lead the investigation into the alleged Downing St parties which took place as the rest of the country suffered from Covid-19 restrictions will be able to ‘go where she wants’.

Sue Gray was chosen to replace Cabinet Secretary Simon Case to lead the investigation after it was discovered he had been made aware of a rally in his own department when restrictions were in place.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on Sunday that she would have complete freedom in what she investigated reports of rallies.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Mr Javid said: “She can investigate whatever she wants. If she wants to investigate a particular individual, whatever …”

When asked if she would be allowed to investigate Mr Case, who as the head of the civil service is her boss, Mr Javid said: “From what I understand she has the freedom to go where she wants with this survey.

“This is how it should be because people want to know the facts and this is the best way to establish them.”

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Cobra meeting set to take place this afternoon amid omicron fears

Cabinet Minister Steve Barclay will chair a meeting between the government’s emergency committee, Cobra, and leaders of decentralized nations at 5 p.m. today.

Confirmation of the meeting comes shortly after the Health Security Agency announced that 12,133 more cases of the Omicron variant had been reported across the UK.

This brings the total of confirmed cases of Omicron in the UK to 37,101.

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Forget about Covid passes and masks – there are bigger threats to freedom in Britain right now

The government is currently pushing through legislation that echoes elements of the authoritarian regimes I have lived under and denounced during my career, writes Bel Trew.

Emily atkinsonDecember 19, 2021 2:30 PM