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12 people investigated for violation of Covid-19 rules at unlicensed KTV outlet, Community News & Top Stories


SINGAPORE – Twelve people are being investigated for violating Covid-19 rules during a rally at an unlicensed KTV outlet in Woodlands.

Police said in a statement Tuesday (June 29) that nine men and three women, aged 20 to 30, socialized at the Woodlands Industrial Park E1 outlet on June 15.

Public entertainment and alcohol were reportedly provided to the unit without a valid license, they added.

Karaoke equipment, liquor bottles and beer cans found in the area were seized for investigation.

A 30-year-old man, one of 12 people at the outlet, is believed to be the operator of KTV and will be investigated for providing alcohol without a valid license and for providing public entertainment without license.

The 12 people who were there will be investigated for non-compliance with security distancing measures under the Covid-19 (temporary measures) (control order) 2020 regulation.

At the time of the alleged violation, Singapore was in the first stage of phase three (heightened alert), with social gatherings limited to five in groups, while dining in restaurants was not allowed.

Providing alcohol and public entertainment offenses without a valid license each carry a fine of up to $ 20,000.

Those who violate safety distancing measures can be jailed for up to six months, a fine of up to $ 10,000, or both.

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